portfolio planning and controls

Portfolio Planning & Controls to deliver actionable insights

We advise and support customers on the right balance of process and flexibility within their project, program and portfolio environments, taking a pragmatic approach to ensure that the appropriate level of control is used in the administration of the PMO within each organisation.


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Off-site PMO Augmentation

We augment your PMO with our experienced off-site PMO office.  This provides you with PMO as a Service (PmaaS) capability.

Our PMO as a Service provides you with a cost effective means of managing your PMO requirements without the overhead of additional full-time PMO FTE's.  This will assist you in meeting your portfolio delivery needs within your PMO budget.

Our PMO as a Service provides you the scalability to meet peak demand requirements as your projects ramp up. This will ensure your control reporting and month end requirements are met irrespective of the size of the portfolio.

Our PMO as a Service provides you the on demand flexibility to ramp up or down within a month.  This allows you a flexible workforce to meet reactive needs as required.  For example, you could use PMO as a Service office to run your monthly reporting for the last four days of the month-end cycle.


On-site PMO Augmentation

We augment your PMO with our qualified experts to provide instant PMO Capability and establish effective combinations of Standards, Processes and Tools to develop project estimating and cost management capability appropriate for your organisation.

Our experts can drive change and mentor your PMO team to uplift capability.

We understand the complexity of finance systems, process and policy together with funding, contingency and governance issues to find pragmatic solutions to ensure best practice cost management is achieved.

We understand the complexity of scoping and planning/scheduling to advise on achieving the optimal combination of standards, tools and templates to develop project planning and scheduling skills appropriate for each individual organisation.

We understand Governance – both project and organisational to establish governance controls which will help deliver strategic outcomes.

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