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PMOHQ tool delivering consistency

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Tools are one of the key enablers of a project management capability uplift. Many organisations running projects now have some form of PMO tool, compared to 10 years ago.

Even though these PMO tools exist, most of these are basic stand-alone tools such as Excel, Word and MS Project, used in conjunction with SharePoint. This means a lack of integrated information that provides actionable insight to drive data-driven decision.  These issues result in poor management of the delivery of business outcomes.

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The Solution - PMOHQ Tool

Our tool is an integrated, simple and easy to use solution that provides the following features that deliver actionable insight to successfully deliver your projects.

Features include:

Portfolio - Amalgamate individual project status and progress into a rolled up, high level portfolio overview.

Project - Run and monitor all project related data for reporting, budget, schedule, issues, risks, quality management and more.

Pipeline - Track projects through the right governance cycle of opportunities, approvals, initiation and go live.

Central management - One central location for all up to date project information, methodology, templates as well as expert PM advice and support.

Mobility - Ability to easily use, edit and run live projects while on a smart phone, tablet or desktop device.

Timely Controls - Automated weekly and monthly reporting to populate selected project modules directly from the project's source data.

Easy to use - Clear user interface, charts, tables and navigation that the whole PM team and executive stakeholders can understand.

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Rapid & Low risk Implementation

Our PMOHQ delivery team can rapidly deploy the PMOHQ tool into your organisation within a matter of weeks.  Our approach is to run short, yet effective discovery workshops to assist customers define their needs.

We map your clearly defined needs to our trademarked PMOHQ Projects Delivery Framework to help configure and implement the PMOHQ tool to get maximum value for your business.

The PMOHQ Projects Delivery Framework has been developed utilising over 20 years of project expertise across many industries.

Over the years we have seen many EPM Tool implementations which have either failed or are poorly regarded, generally due to not being seen as providing value together with a perception of being difficult to use. We often find the root cause is a combination of poor or overly complex workflow configuration, poor user training/induction and poor user support and data quality assurance.

The PMOHQ Projects Delivery Framework addresses these issues through simplification, standardisation, support and training to deliver PMO capability to your organisation within weeks.  This capability enables your business to drive successful project delivery.


Suited to any project, no matter the complexity, size or scale - this new simple and pragmatic approach will ensure the successful delivery of the project's targeted business outcome.


Talk to us about how we can enable your PMO with the integrated PMOHQ tool to start successfully delivering your projects.